Waste Water and Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant

The Town of Renfrew’s Water Treatment Plant (WTP) was originally established in the early 1950s, and expanded and upgraded in the early 1970s. Following the Walkerton tragedy, The Town of Renfrew decided to undertake various detailed evaluations of the plant facilities in consideration of new regulations and various operational constraints, and to prepare water system’s first Engineers Report. Many of the issues identified were associated with the raw water source, the Bonnechere River, which is particularly challenging to treat. Short and long-term action plans were developed, along with capital cost planning, financing strategies, and conceptual level design. Subsequent to completing all preliminary studies, a detailed design, drawings and tender documentation was prepared for a major construction contract to upgrade the WTP. This intricate construction project saw upgrades literally implemented over top of existing plant equipment and facilities while the existing systems continued to provide drinking water to the town’s residents. New systems were tested and brought on line as they were completed, and old systems were taken off line and decommissioned. Improvements included new low and high lift pumping systems, a new two-train clarification system (Acitflo) with provisions for a third train in the future, a new residuals treatment system, a second clear well, new standby power, all-new chemical storage/feed systems, and many building system improvements. This project provided a complete renewal of the existing plant and will allow the Town of Renfrew to service the community for many years to come.

Please find in the Downloads section, Drinking Water System Inspection Reports submitted as required by the Ministry of Environment, Safe Drinking Water Branch.


The Department of Infrastructure & Public Works is responsible for wastewater management.

The Waste Water Treatment Plant was upgraded from the original facility that was constructed in 1968. Located in a natural setting, this new facility is adjacent the Bonnechere River has increased the capacity of the plant such that it more than doubles the amount of sludge/cake that can be removed daily (due to the modernized systems & processes). Construction involved considerable heavy civil and concrete work as well as industrial & office type construction for the operations centre. The project involved intricate mechanical work including intense commissioning involving the headworks, raw sewage pumps, aeration tanks, secondary clarifiers, effluent flow measurements, UV disinfection, aerobic digester, sludge dewatering, and all ancillary mechanical and electrical equipment.

Please find in the Downloads section, Wastewater Treatment Plant Reports submitted as required by the Ministry of Environment.

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