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Renfrew Enhances Safety with New Lights at Historic Swinging Bridge

Posted On: Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Renfrew Enhances Safety with New Lights at Historic Swinging Bridge

The Town of Renfrew is excited to announce new lights have been installed along the historic Swinging Bridge. After a competitive bidding process in the fall of 2023, the Town awarded the contract to install the lights to R&R Electric, a contractor based in Renfrew. The project was completed in December 2023.

The Town of Renfrew recognizes the importance of preserving and ensuring the safety of the structure. In 2021 an extensive overhaul of the Swinging Bridge was undertaken that included replacing the railing material and deck boards to extend the life of the historic landmark. The new lights will not only enhance the visual appeal of the Swinging Bridge, but more importantly, provide an extra layer of safety for residents and visitors.

The lights will operate on the same schedule as the streetlights in Renfrew and will illuminate at dusk and automatically turn off at sunrise.

“Having the bridge lit up in the evening and at night is an important safety feature for all users, especially in the winter months when the days are shorter,” says Mayor Tom Sidney. “We have people in our community who may not have access to a vehicle and if they need to walk across town to get to the hospital or to an appointment when it’s dark, they can feel safer crossing the Swinging Bridge. This work is part of the revitalization of O’Brien Park and enhances the look of the historical Swinging Bridge.”

Renfrew’s Swinging Bridge crosses the Bonnechere River, was built in 1885 and is located next to the McDougall Mill Museum at 65 Arthur Street.

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