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Diversity Committee Sticker Initiative

Posted On: Monday, June 14, 2021

Diversity Committee Sticker Initiative
The Town of Renfrew is Dedicated to Creating an Inclusive and Respectful Community for Everyone.

Diversity Sticker Initiative


Renfrew is a town that strives to be the most welcoming, inclusive, and supportive community possible.

Achieving this requires continuous efforts, and a determination to ensure that all voices are heard, and that all individuals are not only welcomed, but also respected and celebrated.

The Town of Renfrew’s Diversity Ad Hoc Committee was created in order to solidify this dedication, and to provide direction to the municipality as it addresses racism and discrimination and works toward the promotion of equity, diversity and inclusivity in the Town of Renfrew.

Thanks to the immediate efforts by this Committee, The Town of Renfrew is excited to announce the commencement of the Diversity Sticker Initiative, and introduce the design that we hope to see spread across our beautiful town.

This amazing initiative has been created through an incredibly supportive collaboration between the Diversity Committee, Town Council, the Renfrew and Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Renfrew BIA.

Not only is the Town of Renfrew fully supportive and encouraging of this initiative, but in a decision that comes as a first for a municipality in Renfrew County, the Town of Renfrew has also committed to displaying these stickers across all Town owned vehicles and facilities!

Renfrew is already one of the most beautiful, amazing little towns in the Ottawa Valley, and we are calling on our businesses and residents to not only display these stickers proudly, but to also help spread the word about this initiative so that we can demonstrate our solidarity and support to all those who visit or call our town home. 

These stickers will be available at Ottawa Valley Coffee, The Flower Factory and Renfrew Pizzeria, and we would also love to provide stickers to any other businesses who would be interested in having them available in their stores as well. 



“The Town of Renfrew's New Diversity Committee is grateful for the support from Council to endorse this sticker initiative. The Committee is very proud of this trail blazing endeavor that highlights the Town of Renfrew as a safe, welcoming community for all.

The Committee is very hardworking and future focused, researching and organizing many Diversity and Inclusion events and initiatives in Renfrew in the coming months.”

- Councillor Tom Sidney, Chair of the Diversity Committee


“Renfrew PRIDE is excited for the Diversity Sticker Initiative introduced by the new Diversity Ad Hoc Committee.  We're grateful we were able to participate in the design selection, recognizing all members of our LGBTQ2S+ community.

The design symbolizes the crucial role Transgender and BIPOC individuals played in the creation of PRIDE as a movement in the fight for our human rights.”

- Chris Kyte, Founder of Renfrew PRIDE


Media Contact:

Councillor Tom Sidney


Phone: 613-570-0942

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