Dogs and Cats

By-Law #17-2000 and #18-2000 require that all dogs and cats (including house cats) be licensed by their owners each calendar year. There shall be no more than four (4) animals per household at any one time.

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Lottery Licensing

Lottery Licensing eligibility of your organization will be determined by the licensing office. The licensing authority will review all relevant documentation to determine eligibility. These decisions are based on what is considered charitable in law according to the Criminal Code of Canada.

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Marriage License Information - BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

The Town of Renfrew's Clerk and Deputy Clerk serve the public directly by issuing Marriage Licenses.

Please email to begin the process.  Please do not just show up at Town Hall, please call or email first.

There are certain stipulations and requirements for marriages in Ontario and for the issuance of a Marriage license in the Town of Renfrew. Please visit the Government of Ontario's website for a Marriage Application and information - Service Ontario Website - or call our office at 613-432-4848. 

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Refreshment Vehicles

By-law No. 36-2013 regulates and licenses the operation of refreshment vehicles in the Town of Renfrew. Refreshment vehicles are defined as "shall include a Chip Wagon, Mobile Canteen and Refreshment Cart as defined by this by-law".

Any person wishing to operate refreshment vehicle in the Town of Renfrew must first obtain a license from the Town Clerk. To obtain a license, the following must be submitted for approval:

  • A completed application (available at the Clerk's Office)
  • A Site Plan showing details of the proposed site
  • Provisions for garbage and recycling
  • Copy of "Certificate of Liability Insurance"
  • Written approval of the Renfrew County and District Health Unit
  • Written approval of the Fire Chief (or designate)
  • Written approval of the owner of the property
  • Annual licenses may be obtained for the following, as per Schedule "A" of By-Law 36-2013
  1. Chip Wagon: $300.00 per vehicle, per location
  2. Mobile Canteen: $250.00 per vehicle
  3. Refreshment Cart: $ 75.00  per cart

Further information about refreshment vehicle licensing is available from the Clerk's Department. 


By-law No. 33-2012 require that all persons carrying on the business of conveying passengers for hire in the Town of Renfrew shall be licensed to do so by the municipality. Taxi cab owners, drivers, as well as vehicles must be licensed each year.

To obtain the appropriate licenses, vehicles used as taxicabs must pass an annual safety inspection and be properly insured. All drivers must possess a valid Ontario Driver's License.

Further information about taxi licensing, including fees, is available from the Clerk's Department.  

Transient Traders

A transient trader is defined as:

a) "Goes from door to door and/or has a temporary structure to sell goods, wares or merchandise, or who carries and displays samples, patterns or specimens of any goods, wares or merchandise for which immediate sales are made and for which orders are taken with delivery to follow".

Individuals wishing to engage in the transient sale of goods within the municipality must obtain a transient trader's license from the Clerk's Department prior to engaging in any business activity.

The prescribed fee for a Transient Trader's License is as follows:

  • Seasonal (April - October): $300.00
  • Annual:  $500.00

Application forms and Licenses are available during regular business hours at the Clerk's Office, 127 Raglan Street South, Renfrew, Ontario, K7V 1P8.

By-law No. 63-2013 governs the activities of Transient Traders who are engaged in business activity within the Town of Renfrew. 

Door-to-Door Salespeople who are registered with the Ontario Government must apply for a Transient Trader License to operate within the Town of Renfrew.  

Related Bylaws

#18-2000 Cat By-Law..

Being a By-Law to regulate the keeping and control of cats and other aspects of animal control related to cats in the Town of Renfrew.

#17-2000 Dog By-Law..

Being a by-law to regulate the keeping and control of dogs and other aspects of animal control related to dogs in the Town of Renfrew

26-2016 Prohibited Animals By-Law..

to regulate the keeping of certain animals and the taking up, impoundment and removal of destruction of prohibited animals within the Town of Renfrew, and to repeal By-Law No. 45-79

63-2013 Door-to-Door Sales..

To licence, regulate and govern the sale or hire of goods or services on an intermittent or one-time basis, and the activities of a Trasient Trader.

36-2013 Refreshment Vehicles By-Law..

Respecting the licensing, regulating and governing of vehicles from which refreshments are sold.

33-2012 Taxi By-Law..

To license, regulate and govern Taxicab Owners and Drivers in the Town of Renfrew