Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Planning Includes YOU!!

Planning for an emergency is not restricted to the Town’s Emergency Control Group and Council. The most effective way to prepare for an emergency starts with you – either at home, your cottage, or place of business. For example:

  • Does your family have an Emergency Survival Kit?
  • Have you considered how children react in an emergency situation?
  • The needs and supplies of our seniors may be different than yours.
  • Have you thought about your pets in an emergency? 

Find more information on the Emergency Planning Program at the Emergency Management Ontario website;

https://www.emergencymanagementontario.ca/english/beprepared/beprepared.html ,

and the Federal Emergency Management website;


No one can predict the on-set of an emergency situation within the municipality. However, our best defense against one is to be prepared in the event we are confronted with an emergency situation.