About Us

About Us

We are a strong vibrant community, located along the Hwy # 17 transportation route to northern Ontario and the gateway to western Canada. Here, urban amenities unite with rural benefits, making Town of Renfrew the right fit for your business and your family.

Renfrew boasts an active available workforce with a regional draw of over 30,000; many skilled tradespersons live and work in the area serving the various business sectors. Major manufacturers such as Scapa Tape, and Ensyn, just to name a few, recognize the outstanding skills of their employees.

Our Goals are achieved by the following:


  • Warm and welcoming community
  • Strong infrastructure base to meet our growing demands
  • Engaging the community
  • Align our efforts with regional, provincial and federal investment priorities

We recognize the needs of the future and we are are actively working towards addressing these challenges

  • The need for developing opportunites for new trades people
  • Building community capacity through entrepreneurship
  • Broadening our Sector involement to meet future demands
  • The importance of community growth
  • Engagement of our most valuable resource, our people

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