e-Commerce FAQ's

QuestionDo I have to register for e-Commerce?


No you do not have to register for the e-Commerce service.It is completely voluntary.

This service is available to customers who want to sign up to receive their bills electronically and / or make payments on-line using their credit card or PayPal account.


QuestionHow do I sign up for the e-Commerce


In order to sign up for this service, you will need internet access.

Simply go to the Treasury Department main page on the Town of Renfrew municipal website http://www.renfrew.ca/treasury.cfm. Select the  icon located on the right hand side of the page.


From there you will select “Register” and fill in all applicable information. We encourage you to watch the video “Learn how to Register” before starting your registration process.

QuestionWhat information do I need to register for the e-Commerce service?


To register for this service, you must create an on-line profile which includes entering a valid email address, creating a unique ID and password, and selecting / answering a security question.

QuestionWhat information do I need to sign up for e-Billing?


In order to sign up for e-Billing you must first register on the e-Commerce website and create an on-line profile.

Once your on-line profile has been created, select Option #1 “View & Pay Bills” from the main menu.

You will need the full account number, PIN# and name as it appears on your bill. The Water/Sewer account is a 6-digit number followed by an alphabetical letter (ex. 014218A) and the Property Tax account is a 19-digit number including dashes (ex. 47-48-000-099-12000-0000). 

Select the option to “Add an Account”.

Select either Property Tax Bill or Water Bill” from the drop down menu, enter the full account number and PIN# as shown on your bill.

Press continue.

Enter the security question and select “I agree”.

You will receive notification at the top of the screen that the account has been added to your user profile, but will not show up on your Account List until it has been verified. An email will be sent to you when the account has been verified.

QuestionDo I need to create more than one e-Commerce profile if I own multiple properties?


You will only have to register once on the e-Commerce site and create one on-line profile provided the registered owner is the same for each property. 

However, if ownership information is different, you will need to create an on-line profile for each owner (ex. numbered company).

QuestionWhy won’t it accept the account number I am entering?


You must enter the account number as it is shown on your bill. Make sure to include all dashes and alphabetical letters associated with your account.  For example:  47-48-000-099-12500-0000 or 014218A.

QuestionOnce I have registered for e-Billing, when will I receive my first e-Bill?


Depending on the timing of when you have registered for the e-Billing service, will determine when you will receive your first e-Bill.

Property tax bills are issued in January and July. Water / Sewer bills are issued every second month (March, May, July, September, November and January).


QuestionWill my e-Bill look the same as my paper bill?


The Property Tax e-Bill will look exactly the same as the paper version of your bill.

The Water / Sewer e-Bill has a slightly different format but all pertinent information is included.


QuestionCan I still receive a paper bill after I have added an account to my e-Commerce profile?


No you cannot.Once you add an account to your profile, your account will automatically be set up to receive e-Bills.If you do not wish to receive your bills electronically, simply remove the account from your profile and you will resume receiving your bills in the mail.

QuestionWhat if I decide that I don’t want to receive my bills electronically anymore? What do I do?


Simply log into your e-Commerce account, select the “X” under the header Remove.

You will need to call the Treasury Department at 613-432-4848 to notify the staff you have removed your account from e-billing and would like to resume receiving your bill in the mail via Canada Post.

QuestionWhat accounts can I add to my e-Commerce profile?


You can add property tax accounts and water /sewer accounts to your on-line profile.

QuestionAre e-Commerce transactions secured?


Yes. Personal information (ex. credit card number etc.) is protected through the use of encryption, such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.The Town of Renfrew does not store your credit card number, billing address or CSC/CVV code when you make an e-Payment.

QuestionIs there a fee to pay my bill on-line using the e-Commerce site?


Yes there is.  Customers are charged 3% of the total amount being paid plus a $0.35 processing fee.  The system will automatically calculate the total fees (i.e. Convenience Fee) for you.  You must accept the Convenience Fee in order to complete your transaction.

For example, a $100 payment will result in $3.35 Convenience Fee.  A total charge of $103.35 will appear on your next credit card statement.


QuestionCan I make a payment on-line using my credit card without signing up for e-Billing?


Yes you can. 

You are still required to register for the e-Commerce site however; you will select the second option on the main menu “Pay Other Items”. This will allow you to make a one-time payment on-line using your credit card or PayPal account.