Boards & Committees

Boards & Committees

Each year The Town of Renfrew Council appoints elected officials and citizens to various boards and committees.  Some of the boards and committees are established by The Town of Renfrew Bylaws, while others are established by external entities.  

These boards and committees may be delegated certain duties and powers that may be advisory or decision making in nature.   For more information and to show expression of interest in joining one of the Boards please contact the Clerks Department by calling 613.432.4848 or email

If you would like a copy of the agenda or minutes for Board or Committee meetings, please contact the Clerk's Department at and identify which meeting you are requesting an agenda or minutes for.

Other Committees and Boards associated with the Town of Renfrew:

  • Renfrew Hydro Inc. (Power Corporations Act)
  • Renfrew Power Generation Inc. (Power Corporations Act)
  • Renfrew & Area Health Services Village Inc. (Independent Corporation)
  • Renfrew Industrial Commission (Independent Corporation)

Administration/Economic Development and Tourism Committee

The Economic Development & Tourism Committee is established to provide advice and strategic direction to Council concerning business promotion, development and Tourism matters. The Committee advises Council on policies, procedures and strategic directions that should be considered for the purposes of fostering and advancing economic, business and tourism opportunities for the promotion of the Town of Renfrew. The Committee will promote the Town of Renfrew and Area as a destination that offers the friendship and hospitality of rural Ontario. The Committee will research any available grants to help promote economic development and tourism. 

Provides support and advice to resolve matters assigned or referred to the Clerk by forwarding recommendations to Council, including review and update of the Procedural by-law at the beginning of the term of a new council, deletion of redundant by-laws, preparation of new by-laws, creation of new policies, periodic reviews of procedures pertaining to property sales and purchases.


Committee of Adjustment

Committee of Adjustment members are appointed under the authority of the Planning Act, the Committee of Adjustment considers the merits of applications under Section 45 of the Planning Act (e.g. minor variance, permission) for the Town of Renfrew.  Approvals do not require Council endorsement, but can be appealed.


Development & Works Committee

The Development & Works Committee provides guidance and advice to Council and Department staff on policy and level of service priorities so that the programs delivered by the Department of Development & Works may be refined to meet established budget targets.  The Committee also advises on matters requiring resolution with respect to infrastructure, and all activities under the Development and Works Department.


Expanded Ma-te-way Activity Centre Ad-Hoc Committee

The Expanded Ma-te-way Activity Centre Ad-Hoc Committee was formed for the purpose of meeting with community stakeholders, collecting information and public input necessary to support good decision making, and reporting back to Council.


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee examines and reviews the annual budget, providing advice and guidance. The Finance Committee makes recommendations to council on adoption of the budget, and on all other matters pertaining to Municipal finance.


Fire & Emergency Management Committee

The Fire Committee provides advice and support on requirements for the Fire Hall, fire fighting and related equipment and clothing (including fire trucks) and recommends programs designed to enhance public relations through fire prevention, fire inspection programs, training programs, mutual aid, Fire protection agreements, Fire Department communications (including dispatch), emergency plan preparation and updates, 911 response system, building inspection services.


Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee prepares proposals for Council to deal with the resolution of Human resource issues and makes recommendations to deal with all other personnel matters (including performance review, wages, benefits, etc.).


Library Board

The Renfrew Library Board ensures that comprehensive and efficient public library services reflect the community’s needs.  The Public Library Board is a legal corporation with the authority to make policy and govern the Library’s affairs under the Public Libraries Act, R.S.O. 1990


Parks, Recreation & Facilities Committee

The Parks, Recreation & Facilities Committee provides advice to the Department of Parks & Recreation on all aspects of leisure and recreation services offered through the Department by the Town and other agencies under the auspices of the Town. The Committee advises on the conceptual planning of park services, the creation of park development policies, including public open spaces and their acquisition, and the development and review of agreements that provide for the usage of parks and other Town recreational facilities, advises on the development of programs aimed at celebrating current and historic cultural strengths of the community, creates policies to ensure the most effective and efficient delivery of parks and recreation services, consults on the provision and use of recreation facilities.  The Committee also determines the recreational needs and wants of community groups, and establishes priorities for future development, assists, encourages and provides advisory services on request to all groups, organizations or persons carrying on recreational activities in the Town and keeps the residents of the Town aware of the recreational opportunities which are available.


Planning Advisory Committee

The Planning Advisory Committee will provide a thorough review of all issues and considerations with a focus on the needs of development within the Town of Renfrew. The Committee provides recommendations to Council for proposed Zoning By-Law amendments, Official Plan amendments, and other planning matters including Plan of Sub-Division Agreements and Site Plan Control Agreements. The Committee will also advise Council in the preparation of new Official Plan and Comprehensive Zoning By-Law documents, in addition to property standards development.


Police Services Board

To oversee the operation of the Town of Renfrew Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police.


Waste Management Committee

The Waste Management Committee provides guidance and advice to Council and the Department on policy and operational priorities so that waste management programs are delivered within budget.

The Committee ensures compliance with Environmental Compliance Approval for the Renfrew Landfill and all applicable legislative requirements.

The Committee reviews operations of waste management services, landfill, waste collection, recycling services, diversion programs and municipal special waste.

The Committee will implement best managment practices to extend the life of the landfill and reduce waste.

The Committee will plan and implement initiatives to access capacity in the stage 5 landfill.

Regular Committee meetings will be held on a monthly basis and special meetings as required.