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Forest of Reading® Award Programs

Forest of Reading® Award Programs

Watch for the 2019 Forest of Reading Program, coming soon...

Get involved January through April in the largest recreational reading program in the Province!  

Read a minimum of 5 books from a selected list within your age group to be eligible to vote for your favourite Canadian book

APRIL 23, 2019 is the OFFICIAL Forest® Voting day for school-aged programs 


Grade JK - 2

Check out the 2019 Blue Spruce Nominees!

The Blue Spruce™ Award program brings recently published Canadian children's picture books to Ontario children ages 4 to 7 in kindergarten through to grade two.
This program promotes reading for enjoyment and begins to develop the reader’s skill in evaluating a picture book based on story, text and pictures.

Grade 3, 4, 5 & 6

Check out the 2019 Silver Birch Fiction Nominees!

Check out the 2019 Silver Birch Non-Fiction Nominees!

Check out the 2019 Silver Birch Express Nominees!

The Silver Birch® Award is comprised of three separate lists of Fiction, Non-Fiction, and an Express list that is made up of both Fiction and Non-Fiction, geared to the more reluctant reader.
The Silver Birch® program is meant for readers aged 8 to 12, from Grades 3-6, with the Express list focusing on the lower grade level and the Fiction and Non-Fiction focusing on the Grade 5 and 6 readers.

Grade 7 & 8

Check out the 2019 Red Maple Fiction Nominees!

Check out the 2019 Red Maple Non-fiction Nominees!

The Red Maple™ Award reading program is offered for the enjoyment of students in Grades 7 and 8, ages 12 to 13. This program includes a Fiction list every year and every other year Red Maple also offers a Non-Fiction list. This year Red Maple™ has a Fiction & Non-Fiction list.
This program aims to get readers engaging in conversation around the books and encourages them to use critical thinking while reading.