Current Projects

Current Projects

Town of Renfrew Business Retention & Expansion Project

Town of Renfrew is currently conducting a Business Retention and Expansion Project (BR+E). Through a partnership with the Province of Ontario's Rural Economic Development Fund.

Business Retention & Expansion Project Overview

BR+E Community-based economic development program with a focus on supporting existing businesses. Renfrew is able to implement this project by partnering with the Province of Ontario through their Rural Economic Development program

The project is focused on gathering information directly from local business owners and managers to develop strategies that support businesses in Renfrew so that jobs are retained and opportunity for new jobs are created.

Are You A Renfrew Business Owner? We Need YOUR Professional Opinion

The information is gathered via a detailed survey that is available in hardcopy or through an online version - the links are listed below

The BR+E Project welcomes all interested business owners and organizations who wish to participate are encouraged to do so. I will have the links to the BR+E surveys on the Town website so they can be easily accessed. Surveys are due by Friday May 11, 2018.

Individuals who complete a survey by May 11, 2018 will be automatically entered into a draw for 1 of 3 Downtown Renfrew Gift Cards valued at $100, $50, $25


RETENTION SURVEY - GENERAL (complete if your business is not Downtown Retail or Manufacturing)

RETENTION SURVEY- DOWNTOWN BUSINESSES (complete if your business is located in Downtown Renfrew)

RETENTION SURVEY - MANUFACTURING (complete of you business is in the manufacturing)

BR+E Retreat Morning - June 19, 2018

 A BR+E Retreat is scheduled for June 19, 2018. The Retreat will be facilitated by the Business Retention and Expansion Coordinator and a Provincial  representative who specializes in Business Retention & Expansion. There will also be Business Support representatives from Renfrew and the County to provide insight and serve as a resource as required.  

 In order to participate in the Retreat – business owners/managers are asked to complete a BR+E survey. Retreat details will then be sent directly to the individual who completed the survey.

Data collected from the BR+E surveys will be presented and a number of items will be discussed including the future of Economic Development in Renfrew. The objective of the meeting is to provide a picture of Renfrew's current business climate and to  create goals and tasks for an Economic Development Action Plan.

The findings from the Retreat morning will be compiled and included into a final BR+E report that will be shared will local business owners and the public and direct future Economic Development initatives.

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